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Floating Docks



Floating Docks in Wayne & Pike County, Pennsylvania

A and M Aluminum Docks's floating docks are ideal for lakes, or waterways with fluctuating water levels, like reservoirs that are controlled by a dam. It is also the choice for deep waters. The floating dock is designed with a heavy-duty modular aluminum frame connected with either a rigid or pivoting splice, making it as long or as wide as you want. A&M's floating docks have been designed to give you freedom to dock a boat while still keeping it's floatation capacity. Residential and commercial users can use this floating dock with ease.

All of our docks assemble easily and no special tools are needed. You can put your dock together in any layout or configuration and it allows you to easily install and adjust the placement of any of our accessories. The modular components allow ease of adjustment and installation that is unique.

Floating Docks



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