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Stationary Docks



Stationary Docks in Wayne & Pike County, Pennsylvania

The popular choice for almost any waterfront is our modular pole-driven system. It is lightweight but highly stable. The modular pole-driven dock system gives it great structural strength and durability and our flush mounting splice kit makes for easy connection between any two adjoining sections.

The aluminum docks are lightweight, durable, and require minimal maintenance. Along with their long life and easy installation and removal, it makes your dock the perfect fixture to your lake home. Even in the northern climates where one must take the dock out of the water for the winter season and back in again when spring comes, you will appreciate how easy it is to do these chores.

Another docking system that is very popular is the rolling dock. This dock system makes rolling the dock in and out of the water quick and easy. If your lake bottom is not perfectly level, you don't have to be concerned. The rolling system uses a set of tires to roll in and out of the water and each has independent leveling. A and M Aluminum Docks can hook you up with a roll in dock that can be easily disassembled when out of the water for out-of-sight storage.

Stationary Docks



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