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Dock Construction & Assembly



Dock Construction in Wayne & Pike County, Pennsylvania

The component parts that we put into our decks and docks, are skillfully made with the closest attention to detail so that every piece is uniform. These parts are fabricated into a modular unit that will fit perfectly with our connecting hardware for an easy assembly for our customers.

The framework and accessories use marine-grade aluminum for rugged dependability and strength. The lightweight design makes it a perfect choice for seasonal installation and removal.

At A and M Aluminum Docks, our docks are designed for people who want a lifetime of use. We use the marine-grade aluminum so it stands up in the water. On our stationary docks each dock has pre-drilled holes allowing the legs to be adjusted for the depth of the water. This provides a secure anchoring for your dock.

Our floating docks are ideal for deeper and fluctuating waters and are of the same marine-grade aluminum as our stationary docks and can be attached to the stationary docks. The floatation device attaches directly to the module and is environmentally safe and fully encased.

Assembly & Setup

From the time your new dock is delivered to your door to the time you have it in the water, you will be astounded at how simple the assembly of an aluminum dock from A and M Aluminum Docks can be. You can order the planks or the pre-constructed modular panels. There is no drilling involved since all of our lightweight panels just slide practically effortlessly into place. All the connecting hardware is included, including the standard and the 90 degree splice kits and splicing hardware to fasten the dock sections together in a secure and safe manner.

Connecting one dock section to another is done with relative ease. Have you ever played with Legos? Connecting these dock sections are reminiscent of Legos. That makes it easy for you to put your dock together in any plan or configuration and it is easy to change that layout for any reason. Because it so lightweight it makes it easy to get it into the water when first installing it; and easy to remove when the winter months come. This makes it perfect for the areas that have seasonal weather.

A and M Aluminum Docks has a vast array of accessories from a simple cleat to benches, chairs and anything in between, and all of the accessories are designed to conveniently install or remove. And the look of the dock is exceptional and you can make it even more beautiful with some colors.

We haven't forgotten about the person who doesn't have water conveniently a few steps away. Some lucky ones are just a few short yards away from the water. But there are those whose lake lots may be bigger or their cabin or home may be elevated or it is farther away from the water for any reason. For that person we have gangways, ramps, stairs, side rails and most anything that lets you get yourself to the water when the water is not conveniently near your door.

So if you are in need of a dock, A and M Aluminum Docks should be your first call.

Dock Construction & Assembly



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