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About A & M Aluminum Docks



About A and M Aluminum Docks

With so many options available in the residential aluminum dock market it’s easy to get the nicest dock on your lake. But it is also easy to get confused. We will help you to choose what is best for you based on the depth or shallowness of the water and whether you have boats to moor. At A and M Aluminum Docks we make your choice simple. With our help you can have all the dock you need and it will be durable, maintenance free and constructed of the finest marine grade aluminum.

Our aluminum docks are built just for the lake owner who want excellence, durability and lifetime use. Our docks are a lifetime investment, but an affordable one. They arrive at your door in panels in many sizes and though they are incredibly strong, (each panel can hold about 31/2 tons) they astonishing lightweight and easily stored for the winter months.

We have an amazing set of options for your new deck. See our gallery of pictures just to see a small array of what might be available to you. You can easily create cost effective swim area, boat or jet ski launches, or change the sections around to create a place on the water for special events. So many options are available to you, and yet it remains surprisingly hassle free and low maintenance but famous for the quality.

Our Humble Family Beginning

A and M Aluminum Docks was started by Will Mount a local hardware store owner, who opened over 35 years ago. As a lakeside resident himself, he found that his dock was getting heavy and found it difficult to manage and so he began to explore his options. He founded a relationship with Metal Craft and began selling selling Metal Craft docks out of the hardware store in 1991.

In 2005 he sold the store and a second manufacturer was added for even more choices and Alumidock became a second source of all aluminum docks. Today, A and M Aluminum Docks is owned by Joe Doscher and still offers quality products from Alumidock and Metal Craft. We provide durable, attractive, floating and stationary docks with the advantage of an honest, local year-round resident for all of your wants and needs. When it’s time for a new dock, choose the sturdy, reliable option of a dock purchased from A and M Aluminum Docks!

About A & M Aluminum Docks



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A and M Aluminum Docks