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Dock Canopies



Dock Canopies in Wayne & Pike County, Pennsylvania

You have a lot of investment in your boat, and you want it to last a long time because it is the ultimate leisure activity, You want to protect your investment as best you can and you can buy the essential protection from A and M Aluminum Docks. Constant exposure to sun, rain, and wind can ruin your watercraft, inside and out. You want to prevent the fading from the sun and the cracking and peeling from summer heat. It takes away from the comfort and looks of your boat and reduces the value of that investment that you made.

Covering your boat with a canvas or nylon cover takes a great deal of effort and time. Every time it looks like rain on the horizon you need to cover the boat. You don't want to leave it out in the sun day after day so you cover the boat. But there would be no need to continually cover your boat to protect it from the elements (sun, rain, wind) if you had a canopy from A and M Aluminum Docks. Just drive it onto your port, covered by a canopy and winch it up with the A&M boat lift and wench so that it fits nicely under the canopy.

A&M's custom-designed aluminum framed canopies are the perfect way to “top-off” the safety provided by your A&M boat lift. Available in a variety of great colors, our nylon reinforced vinyl canopies provide years of beautiful maintenance-free protection.

Dock Canopies



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